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Category Archives: Relationships

Tools for Effectively Raising Teens, Part 1

Have you ever wanted to tear out your hair concerning the teenagers residing in your home? Do they act like extraterrestrials from another dimension? Do you wonder why they can’t see that you and your spouse or partner are overwhelmed with work, getting them clothed, fed, to school, to the doctor, to choir practice and […]

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Tools for Effectively Raising Teens, Part 2

This post on raising teens will focus on chores and responsibilities, facilitating open discussion, rewarding positive behavior (and ignoring negative), and engaging in negotiation. Despite what adolescents say they want, they function best with structure peppered with creativity. This means that parents should be clear about requirements and responsibilities but there should be room for negotiation. […]

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Tools for Effectively Raising Teens, Part 3

This is my third article about parenting youth, specifically adolescents. This article will focus on “helicopter parenting,” overscheduling and how our children have become members of the “teacup generation.” Have you ever watched parents’ engaging with their child on the playground or on the ball field, at school, or at scouts and thought they were […]

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Epilepsy and Teens

If you are a teenager struggling with epilepsy, or you have a sibling, close friend or a parent diagnosed with this disorder, this information is for you. I am specifically zeroing in on teenagers for two reasons: Teenagers are a lot smarter than their parents give them credit for and; They tend to tune out […]

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Epilepsy and Raising Teens

This post will examine a variety of issues when raising adolescents with epilepsy or seizure disorders. I specifically want to zero in on teenagers because teenagers tend to tune out their parents due to normal hormonal changes, and the perfectly healthy need to feel independent and find their own way. Like so many diseases, epilepsy […]

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