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DSC08707My philosophy is twofold. First, it is my job to instill hope that change is possible. My second goal is to assist you to find solutions to your life challenges in as direct and expeditious a manner as possible. The key is learning about and utilizing tools for your particular issues and enabling you to function joyfully in your life. I will accompany you on your journey until you can manage on your own.

The threads that connect the practice of Marriage and Family are relationships and how you interact with them.  These may begin with your immediate family, include your boss, your children, friends or perhaps the clergy and extend to the greater world you have contact with. My philosophy is help you to to strengthen and improve your association with these people in a discrete manner so that your happiness and comfort increases in the way that you desire.

Each individual is unique.  What may help one person, may be a roadblock to another.  It is my job, to evaluate your situation, create goals you would like to achieve (with your direction) and to explore your preferred path. I will offer my observations but will not be disturbed if you disagree. Together we will weave the tapestry of your life into a meaningful pattern.  You are not alone.