While sessions in my office provide an effective form of psychotherapy, I now primarily offer Telehealth, also known as Teletherapy sessions using a secure video platform known as VSEE. VSEE has designed a secure data transmission with client privacy being a top priority. They use state-of-the-art security and encryption. You can rest assured that our sessions are secure. I will be in the office on Mondays, primarily for new clients once the mask mandate has been lifted and face-to-face sessions appear to be safe. If you would like to see me mask free in person, I am requesting that you bring evidence of vaccination.

Why Use Teletherapy?

You may have difficulty finding time to come into a therapy office on a regular basis due to work demands, distance from your therapist, or because you are juggling childcare and transportation issues. Teletherapy minimizes these potential roadblocks and still provides you the support and direction you need. You can use teletherapy sessions throughout our work together or just when it is convenient. Covid has also changed the landscape of therapy and convenience and safety became more important than seeing a therapist in person. Many individuals prefer to utilize the mode of seeing their therapist.

Who Can Use Teletherapy?

During our first session, I will complete an evaluation to see if you are an appropriate client for teletherapy. This service is not a good fit for everyone. Otherwise teletherapy with me can be used by anyone living in the state of California and Oregon. In regards to payment, teletherapy is now covered by many insurance companies. However, some insurance companies cover only telephone calls rather than video. Your insurance’s customer representative will able to explain your eligibility. I also offer these services to any client who pays privately. If all our sessions are completed through VSEE, you will fill out the appropriate forms (online) and be paying the needed payment by credit, debit or FSA/HSA card. I will be happy to discuss what works best for you when you telephone me at 760-822-7729.

Client Portal

My practice utilizes the Therapy Appointment client portal to make things more professional, streamlined and secure for you.  It gives you options when you first register by allowing you to enter insurance and demographic information as well as completing a biography.  This information is sent to me electronically.  We can also exchange secure messages which can be saved with your file.  These messages are always HIPAA compliant.  You can be reminded of your upcoming appointments by choosing your preference of email, text or automated voice notifications.  This portal is a secure way for you to keep in touch between sessions.

You can find the client portal when you press the “Make an Appointment” button on any page.