Therapy is continuing to be held in the form of Teletherapy for the foreseeable future.  Please telephone if you have any questions.


Is your life is paralyzed by worry, racing thoughts, and a sense of impending panic?  You don’t have to live this way.  Let me help you learn tools for feeling calm, confident and centered every day.
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Your relationships should be filled with love, genuineness, safety and understanding. If you haven’t been experiencing this in your life, let’s figure out together how to get you on the right track today.
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Do you find yourself distracted, having difficulty keeping commitments and irritable? Let’s figure out how to create structures and techniques to help you be focused and connected.
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Alcohol abuse affects not just you but also your family and friends. Let me help you stop using alcohol to medicate your emotions. If you are an involved family member;  learn how to manage sadness, frustration and anger regarding your loved one.
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Meet Denise Hockley

My Bio

Impacting people’s lives has always been a core value for me. Even in middle school, peers confided in me about their deepest fears and emotions and I instinctively listened to and guided them. Becoming a therapist was always my calling.

My Approach

I’m focused on providing you with practical, research-driven techniques so that you can find solutions and genuinely tackle your complex challenges.  My engaging approach will set you at ease and decrease your anxiety by the end of the first session.

My Philosophy

My therapeutic philosophy is to create a safe place for you to explore your concerns. I strive to make the relationship collaborative, mutually respectful and inclusive. I work with a wide range of ages and welcome both individuals and couples including LGBTQ.