As a Marriage and Family Therapist, what do I do and how can I help you with your concerns?

There are many different schools of family therapy.  Despite this, they all generally agree that no matter what your challenges are, and regardless of whether these involve just you or members of your family, using your entire family to find solutions may be the key.  We can accomplish this by having your family members participate in your therapy sessions or in an extra session.  My focus will be to facilitate our work in a way that supports and enhances your strengths and wisdom.  Of course, if including family is not be possible in your situation, there are many other tools to improve your current circumstances.

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About My Style

My style includes working with you individually or as a couple but can include your family if you prefer. Our goal, in part, is to learn new coping skills as well as creating a loving support system around you.

I have had years of experience helping parents and teens improve their communication and as a result, can teach you how to manage the many difficult changes that occur during your children’s developmental years.

Getting you and your family on the same page is a sure way to create long-lasting positive memories together.

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