Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

I address alcohol abuse with my Outpatient Alcohol Treatment Program.  The emphasis is on you and your goals, hopes, dreams and desires.  We will discuss whether you are a candidate for Moderation or whether Abstinence is a better option for you.  But it will be your decision, and your choice.

Each individual who struggles with alcohol issues does so for very personal reasons.  Perhaps, it is because alcohol, quite frankly, relaxes you or makes you more outgoing.  You may feel more part of the crowd and less of an outsider. Perhaps it makes you forget (at least temporarily) that life can be hard and the road seems winding and endless.  Perhaps it dulls the pain of negative choices ending in patterns of regret.

How will you and I approach your alcohol consumption? I can guarantee you we will not take a shovel and dig up a past you’d rather leave behind. What we will do is look at what you are doing well, what you’d like to improve, and teach you new skills to create the end results you desire.  More specifically, we will utilize Motivational InterviewingGoal-SettingCognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Assertiveness Training as well as solutions tailored to your particular circumstances.

You will learn to make new selections about health, vocation, relationships and all the elements that make your life truly worth living. As a result, you will be able to look back and instead of seeing a lifetime of disappointments, discover that your life is a woven tapestry of many desired choices.

The usual format of this program will be approximately twelve, fifty-minute sessions.  What is different from “typical” program is that you won’t share this time with anyone else unless you wish to bring a family member or a friend as occasional support.

Finally, while I do work with insurance companies, your Confidentiality is of primary importance to me and our work together. Remember that groups, including AA, are not confidential and odds are you will be labeled an “alcoholic” when, usually, you are simply misusing or abusing alcohol. Don’t sacrifice your privacy or reputation needlessly. If you want to be treated like a discrete person, call me now at 760-822-7729 and let’s set up an appointment.

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Family Member Therapy

If you are a family member of someone who is using drugs and alcohol excessively, you are often suffering too but no one is paying attention. However, you find yourself overwhelmed, grief-stricken and at your wits end because your loved one is spiraling out of control and you are unable to change him or her.  I can give you tools to help you adjust the trajectory you are on, make better decisions and help you take care of yourself, which is all you really have control over.  Let’s talk about improving your circumstances now.

How This Program is Different Than ’12-Step’ Groups

What’s the difference between my plan for your treatment and other programs?  Primarily, it is individual treatment. It is a program which is an alternative to 12-Step “Treatment” and allows you to be the captain of your ship rather than being persuaded that you are powerless and helpless. Instead of telling you that you are permanently ill or have a disease, it is my job to help you focus on becoming more balanced and healthier you.

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